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Edits a published member message

Last updated on 27/08/2014 09:47:17

All the fields are mandatory. If you leave a field empty, it will remove the value (probably failing the validation). So, if you only want to edit the "pickup location" field, you need to send the other fields too.

POST Parameters

Name Type Explanation Example
login_key string The login key returned when logging in
request_id integer The ID of the request you want to edit 30
request_pickup_from Pickup location Cork
request_pickup_from_coordinates Coordinates in decimal format separated by a comma 51.917282390384095,-8.475745653124932
request_pickup_date Date in MySQL format in the future 2014-12-31
request_pickup_to Delivery location Dublin
request_pickup_to_coordinates Coordinates in decimal format separated by a comma 53.39654310815642,-6.223548387499932
request_delivery_date Date in MySQL format in the future 2015-01-01
request_nature_goods Nature of goods frozen goods
request_weight Weight as free text 50 kilos
request_dimensions Dimensions as free text 50cm wide, 1 meter height
request_number_pieces Number of pieces 2
request_content Text explaining the request I need the package to be devivered within the next day
selected_companies List of company ids separated by comma 182,180


Name Type Explanation Example
message string Message explaining the process

Try it!