WFA Web App User Manual

The purpose of the WFA Web App is to allow WFA members to communicate and do business together online in an effective and efficient way. The app allows members to search for fellow member companies and request quotes for specific jobs.

Quick Links


A registered user can login to the web app by going to the link below:


On this page you should enter your registered email address and password. If you have not registered you should contact a WFA administrator (

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Recovering your password

If you have registered but cannot remember your password, you can have it reset by going to the recovering your password page below:


On this page you need to enter your registered email address and the security code that is written in the coloured image. If you cannot read the security code text that is in the coloured image you can refresh the page to have a new image loaded with different text.

When your password has been successfully reset, a new random password will be emailed to your registered email address. You can then login using your email address and the new password.

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Changing your password (see User Profile FAQs)

You need to be logged in to change your password.

To change your password, go to the My Profile link in the top main menu. At the bottom of this page there is a “Change password” section, in which you need to enter your current password, and then enter a new password that you want to have set. You are also asked to repeat your new password (this is to make sure you do not enter a typing error in your new password).

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My Profile (see User Profile FAQs)

Each user on the WFA web app has a user profile that allows them to control their personal details on the system. This allows the user to set details such as:

Within this section, the user can also opt to receive and not receive the following:

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Manage Users (Company Admin Only, see Manage Company Users FAQs)

Available from within the My Profile section.

From here, the company admin can register/create a new user within their company by clicking on the “Create user” button. This will display a new page allowing the personal details of the new user to be entered. Once these details have been submitted, a welcome email is sent to the new user’s email address. This welcome email includes a temporary password to allow the new user to login, along with the link to login.

From within the Manage users page, the company admin also has access to activate/deactivate users within their company that are already registered.

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Company Profile (Company Admin Only, see Edit Company Profile FAQs)

Available from within the My Profile section.

This page allows the company admin to set the content of the company profile page. The company profile page is what other members will see when they find your company in a search on the system. Other WFA members can find basic information about member companies on the WFA app company profile page. Information that can be put on this page includes: company name, logo image, description, website link and location/address.

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Dashboard (see Dashboard FAQs)

The dashboard is designed to give members an overview of recent relevant activity that they should be aware of. The dashboard shows the most recent 5 items from the following sections, with links to view more information:

Please go to the relevant section of the manual for more information about each of the above sections.

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WFA Messages (see WFA Messages FAQs)

This section shows you messages that have been created for all members by WFA system administrators.

On the page viewing all WFA messages, you can see the date that the message was created, and if you have previously read the message. By clicking the “Read” button, you will be shown the full message and the status of the message changes to “Read”. Messages that currently appear as “Read” can also be marked as “unread” if required.

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Member Messages (see Member Messages FAQs)

The member messages section is designed to allow you to initiate communication with other WFA members. A member message will generally be a quote request for a delivery job, or to ask questions about a particular job.

Member Messages Explanation Video

Creating a New Message

To create a new member message, click on the “Create message” button. This will then show a new page with fields to enter the details about the new message being created.

A “Pickup location” and “Delivery to location” field will appear at the top of the page with a map underneath. As you type in the location text an auto-suggest of locations will appear for you to choose from, and once a location has been selected the map that appears underneath will show a red pin on the location entered. The position of this pin can be changed by clicking and dragging the pin to the correct location.

The other basic fields that must be filled are the pickup date, delivery date and details (specific delivery requirements).

Advanced fields are also available, which allow you to enter specific details such as weight, dimensions, number of pieces and the nature of the goods to be moved.

The “Select members” button will show you a list of WFA member companies to whom you can send this message.

The member companies will be ordered by distance from delivery location by default, but this can be changed to “Order by distance from pickup location” using the dropdown menu on the top right of the page. The search box also allows you to search for a member company by name or address.

To select the member companies that you want to receive your message, use the tickbox that appears beside the company name on the list. There is also a “Select all” tickbox which can be used to send the message to all WFA member companies.

Once the member companies have been selected, you can now use the “Submit message” to send this message to the member companies. The member companies will be notified of your message and they can then login to respond.


View Member Message Responses

On this page you can see a list of member messages that you have created and see the status of each. A search/filter appears at the top of the page allowing you to find member messages by date, location or company.

The list of messages shows basic details about the message along with details such as the number of responses and average quote value.

The “Actions” dropdown allows you to view responses, edit the request or change the status of the request to cancelled.

From the view responses page, you can see responses that you have received from the companies that have received your message. If the response includes a quote value, you can either:


My Quotes (see My Quotes FAQs)

The My Quotes section allows you to respond to Messages (generally quote requests) that have been sent to you by other WFA members.

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When a new quote request is received, it will appear on this page allowing you to see an overview of the quote request and the current status of your quote (if you have responded). To view full details of the quote request, click the “View” button.

On the details page, you can see full details of the quote request and respond to that quote request. To respond, you can fill the quote value, currency and explanation fields and then click the “Submit” button. This will send a notification back to the WFA member company with your response, allowing them in turn to respond to you by either accepting, rejecting or asking you a question.